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Approximate Number of Jobs





$14 an hour


  • Moorestown
  • Pennsauken


  • Warehouse Workers/Material Handlers


  • 1 year of warehouse experience

Employee Safety Measures

We provide PPE for all workers. Below are the rules we instituted as a result of Covid-19. In addition, we are having a professional sanitization company come in several times a week to mist the warehouses with anti-viral cleaners that kills the virus within 10 minutes. We do it after hours so there is plenty of time for it to settle and dry before the workers come in the next day.

  1. Anyone feeling ill (sore throat, chest pain, tiredness, trouble breathing, headache, fever, cough, congestion) MUST notify manager or HR immediately. Anyone living at home or direct contact with someone who is ill MUST notify manager or Lauren immediately in order to monitor and take proper precautions

  2. GLOVES must be worn at ALL times in the warehouse.
    Only remove during lunch or bathroom break. One pair will be given to each person. Do not lose. Write name on back, keep by your locker.

  3. MASKS must be worn at ALL times in the warehouse.
    Only remove during lunch or bathroom break. If you feel like the masks provided are uncomfortable, you can certainly bring in your own mask or mouth covering (i.e. a bandana, a scarf, or a t-shirt to wear as a mouth covering)

  4. DISINFECTANT WIPES - every single pallet jack, picker, and bendi should be wiped down at the beginning and end each shift, including before and after lunch. So four times a day. Between managers, rotate each week for someone to wipe down every door handle on all exit doors, bathroom door, lunchroom door and office doors, at the beginning and end of each shift.

  5. HAND SANITIZER and HAND SOAP - everyone must use this before and after every shift (including lunch) and as much as possible throughout the day

  6. Keep Distance During Lunch - only 1 or 2 people per table

  7. If you see something, say something - if you notice someone else not feeling well, you must let your manager know.