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  • Leonia


  • Manufacturing Machine Operator
  • Blending Operator
  • Encapsulation Operator
  • Compression/Tablet Press Operator
  • Coating Operator
  • Manufacturing Maintenance Mechanic A
  • Manufacturing Maintenance Mechanic B
  • Encapsulation Set-up
  • Compression/Tablet Press Set-up
  • Laboratory Tech


  • Compression/Tablet Press Operator (D) Responsible for operating a tablet press machine
  • which is a mechanical device that compresses powder into tablets of uniform size and weight.
  • Encapsulation Operator (D) Responsible for all activities related to the encapsulation of products as per formula instructions. An encapsulation machine is a mechanical device that fills empty capsules with materials.
  • Coating Operator (D) Responsible for all activities related to the coating of the product as per formula instructions. Weigh coating ingredients as per formula in order to prepare coating solution/color.
  • Blending Operator (D) Responsible for ensuring that all materials are thoroughly mixed so they can be made into tablets or capsules
  • as per formula instructions.
  • The Encapsulation Set-Up (I) Responsible for all assembly/disassembly
  • maintenance and operation of various encapsulation machines.
  • Maintenance Mechanic to maintain and repair packaging equipment
  • supporting both mechanical and basic electrical troubleshooting
  • ensure machinery efficiency and participate in machinery development projects and initiatives.

Employee Safety Measures

Safety Rules, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMPs) that are in effect assuring the quality and quantity of product produced