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Approximate Number of Jobs





All positions starting pay $15.00 an hour part-time only


  • Point Pleasant Beach
  • Brick Township
  • Point Pleasant Borough


  • Senior Client Representative


  • All Jobs: light housekeeping
  • meal preparation
  • laundry duties
  • companionship
  • transportation for grocery shopping/errands
  • must be reliable/dependable
  • experience preferred but not required; background/drug testing for all employees; must be a good communicator; must have reliable cell phone service; knowledge on texting; must have computer at home to use for job; working with Seniors in their private home;

Employee Safety Measures

Employees must take their temperature report it into main office prior to going to their shifts; must wear a mask, gloves and scrubs at all times, must wear sneakers; no employee will be allowed to go to work with any symptoms of a runny nose, sniffles, cough, sneezing, are not feeling well, no symptoms of aches/pains, must be perfectly healthy to work to report to work; can not work if they have been around anyone with a cold, sick and/or any symptoms of Covid 19, a cold and/or flu like symptoms not allowed to work.

Job Posting Update

August 13, 2020