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$36,616.00 - $45,770.00Yr for Administrative Assistant, Starting at $25/hr for Grant Processors and Team Leaders, Project Administration Specialist: $43,1720/yr - $53,909/yr


  • North Brunswick
  • Trenton
  • Camden
  • Remote


  • Administrative Assistant
  • Grant Application Processors and Team Leaders
  • Project Administration Specialist


  • Project Administration Specialist:
  • • Oversees the electronic invoicing process for the New Jersey Wind Port project
  • including:
  • o Receiving invoices from vendors and other parties (e.g. NJEDA’s landlord) and entering them into the project database;
  • o Coordinating with the technical team to verify and document work completion;
  • o Ensuring invoices are paid in a timely manner
  • including coordinating internal approvals and ffacilitating payment of vendors by the bond trustee; and
  • o Answering all inquiries relating to vendor payments.
  • o Generating invoices for Port tenants (i.e rent
  • other charges)
  • resolving payment and billing discrepancies and otherwise communicating with tenants as necessary.
  • • Responsible for tracking general project-related accounts payable and receivable and producing regular reports on cumulative project costs.
  • • Inputs to monthly project progress reports for NJEAD’s leadership and Board.
  • • Enters invoice information and updates procurement database.
  • • Assists with gathering information for the annual budget process.
  • • Serves as point of liaison for the project with NJEDA’s Accounting Department.
  • • Promotes teamwork and communication to encourage an interactive
  • cooperative
  • collaborative and customer focused work environment among division
  • NJEDA staff and external stakeholders.
  • • Must complete annual and semiannual self-assessment as required.
  • • Performs other project-related administrative duties and special projects
  • as assigned.
  • For Grant Process and Team Leaders the Job Description:
  • COVID-19 Emergency Grant program
  • which offers grants to small businesses across the state. In order to process these grant applications in a timely manner NJEDA is seeking Grant Application Processors
  • and Grant Application Team Leaders
  • on a temporary assignment basis.
  • While the majority of grant applications will be processed automatically
  • some portion of these applications will be flagged for manual review
  • and it will be the responsibility of these Grant Application Processors to both perform this review through research and communication with applicants and document this review in Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • a customer relationship management (CRM) software.
  • Activities of the Grant Application Processors will include:
  • Creating a new CRM record for an application
  • Tracking the status of the application in the CRM system
  • such as by marking whether the application is recommended for approval or for decline
  • Identifying the cause of application errors or manual review triggers.
  • A few examples:
  • If two applicants with different business identification numbers apply using the same address
  • the processor would research whether they are in different units of the same building by performing a Google search
  • and if this fails
  • may reach out to the applicants for clarification
  • If a business was started in 2020
  • the business may not have a filed tax return and the processor would need to confirm revenue by requesting and reviewing 2 months of actual sales data to confirm the applicant’s financial projections
  • If an applicant selected on the application that their organization is involved in lobbying
  • the processor will need to contact them to confirm that their application was properly filled out and
  • if so
  • send them a Lobbying Questionnaire to complete and share with the Attorney General’s Office.
  • Calling applicants to discuss their application as necessary
  • and uploading notes from each of these calls in the CRM record
  • Uploading any other documents to the CRM record
  • Quality check the application reviews by reviewing your work for detail and accuracy
  • Ensure that you successfully complete the number of applications allocated to your pipeline by NJEDA based on grant application volumes
  • and flag to NJEDA if these application review targets become infeasible for any reason.
  • Available for all scheduled and impromptu management or team member meetings.
  • Ability to provide accurate information to applicants inquiring as to status of grant applications.
  • Trouble shoot applicant questions based on program knowledge.
  • Flexibility to work within other COVID programs and/or COVID departments as necessary.
  • In addition to the 46 Grant Application Processors
  • 4 Team Leaders are needed.
  • Each leader will:
  • Manage a team Grant Application Processors
  • Learn all required grant application processing duties and skills
  • and teach these to the Processors under their management
  • Assign each Processor in the team new grant applications to review via the CRM system
  • based on the capacity and abilities of each Processor
  • Check in with their team via videoconference for 15-30 minutes each morning at 8 AM to discuss the current status of the applications and identify any questions or problems for resolution or escalation
  • Quality check the application reviews by reviewing the work of the team members
  • communicating feedback both to the individual team members and to NJEDA staff
  • Ensure that the team successfully completes the number of applications allocated to it by NJEDA based on grant application volumes
  • Equipment to be used:

Employee Safety Measures

We are working remotely at this time. The Project Administrarion Specialist Position will be based in Trenton/Camden.

Job Posting Update

March 19, 2021