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  • Montville


  • Part Time Assistant Teacher (Afternoons)

Employee Safety Measures

  • Temperature check for all parents and children at drop off
  • Temperature check for all staff
  • Movement of staff restricted throughout the building and limiting personnel in the classrooms
  • Higher focus on our toy washing procedures including toy cleaning schedules for teachers as well as two sterilization cabinets where toys are sterilized throughout the entire day. These cabinets eliminate virtually 100% of microorganisms reducing the spread of viruses.
  • All classroom rugs are being steam cleaned with a disinfectant solution on Monday and Wednesday nights.
  • All classrooms are being sanitized Friday nights with an electrostatic sprayer and sanitizing solution.
  • All major door handles are being disinfected daily.
  • Masks are worn by the staff at all times.

Job Posting Update

November 24, 2020