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  • Westfield


  • FT Infant Teacher 8am - 5pm
  • PT Infant Teacher 2pm - 5pm
  • FT Assistant Toddler Teacher 8am - 5pm


  • Infant and Toddler Teacher should display a gentle and nurturing personality
  • and the patience to assist each infant or child to mature cognitively. They should be able to assist in developing the infants’ and children's social skills as they interact with each other. Responsibilities: * Guiding babies and toddlers through education/development programs. * Thinking on their feet and responding to each child’s needs efficiently. * Displaying a patient and calm personality coupled with a loving approach to every child. * Building secure relationships with the children. * Working closely with the directors and lead teacher to ensure that guidelines are adhered to. * Keeping records of the day’s events for parent perusal. * Ability to work collaboratively with other teachers to ensure the best care for the children. * 18 years or older * Must pass state background checks * Must be responsible and caring

Employee Safety Measures

Classes are downsized to state determined levels or less. Classes do not mix or use the same facilities. Classes are with the same 1-2 teachers all day. No visitors (including parents) are allowed in the building, only the staff and children. Gloves, hand sanitizer, cleaning supplies and emergency masks are provided.

Job Posting Update

March 11, 2021