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  • New Jersey
  • Maryland
  • Delaware


  • Data Center Specialist


  • Implement and maintain Customer purchased Datacenter Capacity Planning software called Nlyt. Create and maintain all infrastructure equipment (Racks
  • PDU’s
  • Floor Standing Assets
  • etc.) and devices allocated into Datacenter (servers
  • peripherals
  • network devices
  • appliances
  • etc.) Maintain Floorplan in Nlyte to reflect current layout in Datacenter Update records in Nlyte accordingly as changes occur – adding
  • deleting assets in Nlyte and updating floorplan. Record PDU circuit assignments in Nlyte to reflect power connectivity of all assets in Datacenter to include tracing equipment that existed prior to implementing Nlyte and updating records in Nlyte Create and maintain Customer Datacenter Equipment Installation Guidelines per their policy to standardize process for cable management
  • labeling of equipment for Identification in Nlyte and CMDB /Service Now) Receive request for Space Allocation for new equipment In advance of these requests
  • setup new racks

Job Posting Update

August 4, 2021