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$12 hour


  • North Brunswick


  • Receptionist

Employee Safety Measures

We supply PPE ( masks, face shields, gloves), soap, Purell, air purifier, janitorial service to clean the office, plexiglass surrounding desk, UV sterlizer, Medical disinfecting and sanitizing wipes and spray. We soc ail distance the patient appointments so we do not have more then one or tow people in the office at a time. We keep the door locked and unlock only for appointments. When people pick up glasses we do curb side to keep the number of patients to a minimum that walk in. We checkstaff and patient temperature and do not allow anyone in with a temperature over 100 degrees. We ask patients to reschedule if they feel sick, had a fever, traveled outside NJ or the country, been around a person who was covid positive all 2 weeks prior to the appt.

Job Posting Update

July 31, 2020