Approximate Number of Jobs





Production worker: 13.50 - 14.00 / hr ; Vacation, Medical, Dental, Vision, life insurance, and 401k benefits Recruiting coordinator: 14 - 15.00 / hr Vacation, Medical, Dental, Vision, life insurance, and 401k benefits Recruiter: Vacation, Medical, Dental, Vision, life insurance, and 401k benefits


  • Lakewood


  • Production Worker
  • Recruiting Coordinator
  • Recruiter


  • TO APPLY PLEASE CALL: (732) 321-4315. Production Worker: No specific prior experience required. · Work within a team to build window treatments · Ensure products are finished with a high level of quality · Package window treatments · Learn multiple station and department over time QUALIFICATIONS: · Driven with the heart of a team player · Able to communicate well with others · Works with excellence and understands accountability · Interest in working within a fast-paced environment · Detail-oriented · Good listener
  • Recruiting Coordinator: As a Blinds To Go Recruiting Coordinator you will be an important contributor to the business by assisting in the selection and onboarding process for plant hourly employees. With your exceptional time management
  • organizational
  • and communication skills
  • you will source for candidates on social media platforms
  • job boards
  • job fairs
  • and use other creative ways to help build our growing company one person at a time. Over time you will be trained to phone screen applicants and if interested
  • you can develop a career as a recruiter!
  • Recruiter: REQUIREMENTS College degree from leading university (psychology
  • sociology
  • or human resources preferred) Four to eight years of hands-on recruiting experience in manufacturing or operational business Excellent active listening and critical thinking skills Outgoing
  • engaging personality Passion for sourcing and recruiting Excellent oral communication skills Strong work ethic and high personal drive Natural leadership skills RESPONSIBILITIES Directly source
  • screen
  • and interview candidates for production
  • supervisors
  • and management positions Make offers
  • administer drug and background checks
  • and on-board all hires Work with general managers to anticipate and prioritize market needs Post jobs on relevant job boards and actively search for alternatives sources of talent

Employee Safety Measures

There is no touch hand sanitizer pumps in every department and in strategic locations throughout the building.

Clear dividers have been placed in areas to help separate for social distancing. This includes lunch area.

Caution lines have been placed 6 feet apart throughout walkways to give a visual to employees to keep social distanced.

Temperature check every morning and for all new entries into the building prior to gaining access to the building.

Everyone who enters the building or returns to the production floor must hand wash soiled hands or use hand sanitizer for clean hands.

Posters are placed throughout the building listing 5 things to do to stay safe. 1. Wash hands, 2. Wear a mask, 3. Social Distance 6', 4. Don't touch your face, 5. Symptoms? Stay home, call your doctor.

Surgical Masks are required while in the building and are handed out to everyone who enters. Managers also have them at their desks in the event there is mask that breaks.

The facility surface are sprayed daily at the end of the shift with industrial strength disinfectant.

Disinfectant spray is available throughout the building to self-clean when moving to a new work space. (Also in the cafeteria)

The cafeteria surfaces are wiped clean with disinfectant spray between each break.

We do monthly COVID tests on-site, free to our employees, or more frequent when necessary.

Entries directly into the plant are closed with the exception of 1 to capture everyone entering the building.

Job Posting Update

March 30, 2021